Recruiters spend 30 seconds or less to scan your CV. Starting from your last/current job, duties then to qualifications. Recruiters receive hundreds of applications for a single vacant post.

First stage of short-listing- searching for keywords. A Finance Manager required to finance a multi-billion project will reject a CV with 20 years of experience in Financial reporting.

Make it clear. A very senior gentleman from one of the biggest multi-national IT companies met me for career counsel. He is the Sales Director of services division. His job title per his CV is “Services Sales Director,” not too bad but no interview invites. We changed it to “Sales Director- Services Division.” Now, that looks better. No more confusion if he is a pre-sales, post-sales or technical sales director.

Know the trend. An ACCA qualified professional never gets his CV short-listed because of “Association of Chartered Certified Accountants” in his CV instead of “ACCA.” Know what the market trend is and make sure that these keywords are mentioned in your CV.

Strong key words. “Increased sales by introducing new strategies” versus “Increased sales by 45% in 3 months by re-engineering sales strategies.” You decide.