As a leading Retained Executive Search Firm, seekcareerjobs locates and lands the best CEO, President & Vice President and Boards talent for both public and private companies. Known for a highly-personalised consultative approach, we offer dedicated resources, to ensure that your critical vacancy is filled as quickly as possible with a highly qualified and fit candidate.

Keeping a position open is costly. The longer it’s open, the more costly it becomes. We will reduce the amount of time it takes to fill a position. seekcareerjobs, through our decades of expertise, can introduce potential candidates as early as 3-5 days. We carry the solution when the position is difficult to fill and a contingency search has been tried and has failed.

Most organisations is under the impression that hiring multiple recruiters will deliver more comprehensive results. However, when multiple recruiters are given the same project, the search becomes a race with the emphasis on the speed of the search rather than the quality of the candidate. A guaranteed exclusivity (Retained Search Assignment) enables consultants to prioritise the position over others and provides a platform to make sure that the best available candidate in the marketplace is found within the given timeframe.

A partnership.

  • You get a more thorough search due to more time & resources being dedicated to your requirement.
  • We take the time to brand your organisation to potential candidates.
  • We get the opportunity to do a thorough search, carefully selecting the best candidates, knowing that we have an exclusive assignment.
  • You get your money's worth.
  • A quicker recruitment process.
  • A client driven process, individually customised to your requirement.
  • Clearly defined deliverables.
  • Thoroughly scans the market, targeting the top 10% (if not 5%) candidates.
  • A dedicated Consultant is assigned per Retained Search Assignment.
  • Continues to work until the position is satisfactorily filled.